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Website Optimisation – Scottish Food and Hampers

In our last blog, we discussed why it was important to optimise your website, which you can read here. It’s important to make sure that your website is as optimised to allow your users to get the best possible experience when visiting your website. Introduction When it comes to our customers wanting to improve the…

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Why It’s Important to Optimise Your Website?

Introduction At My Server Guy, we work hard to optimise your websites, so it runs like magic. We are passionate about making sure that our customers have the best websites that enable them to attract customers and grow their traffic. Website speed and performance optimisation are important and it is something┬áthat should be considered for…

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Optimising rt9.dk

My name is Mikkel Petersen, and I am a SysOps Administrator at My Server Guy. I was recently tasked to optimize rt9.dk, as it was not getting the performance it needed, and the owner Allan Kristiansen would like it to load faster. When optimising a website, the first thing I do is test the site’s…

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