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Website Optimisation – Scottish Food and Hampers

In our last blog, we discussed why it was important to optimise your website, which you can read here.

It’s important to make sure that your website is as optimised to allow your users to get the best possible experience when visiting your website.


When it comes to our customers wanting to improve the performance of their websites. We tend to use various tools that enable us to analyse their website’s performance. GTMetrix is one of the tools that we have found ourselves using often. This tool enables us to get a detailed report on our customer’s performance. Best of all it’s free and it analyses the page speed performance using Google Page Speed and YSlow. We are going to look at some improvements that were made to a customer’s website using the GTMetrix tool.

Using GTMetrix to benchmark Scottish Food & Hampers website gave us a detailed report on the issues affecting the websites speed, and therefore SEO. In this post, we highlight the new improved score and improvements made.

Before Optimisations

The overall score for Scottish Food & Hampers was poor. The score, F and E would have had a significant impact on the traffic of the website.


These improvements made to the Scottish Food & Hampers website has improved the score and page speed.

  • Enabling compression on the site has improved the download speed for the users when downloading images and other content from the site. We made sure to update the configs files on the server to ensure all content is being compressed and that it configures correctly with the Content Delivery Network (CDN), content delivery network.
  • Optimising the images has saved bandwidth and increased the speed of website from the user perspective. This is due to there being fewer data to download. We processed all images and optimise them for web use. This has made the website faster to browse and navigate around.
  • Minifying the javascript files has made them smaller in files size and more compact, allowing for faster download times. This results in a faster website experience. We minified each JavaScript file on the website, which in turn has improved the score of the site.
  • Minifying the CSS file is similar to minifying JavaScript files with the exception that it is a different part of the website. The CSS files are related to how the websites look visually. We have gone through and minify all the CSS files throughout the website, improve the score.
  • The addition of a server config for Encoding is going to result in significant speed improvements although it’s flagged a low priority by GTmetrix. Finally, we used a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that guarantees faster website speed, and it will significantly improve the speed for customers worldwide.


The websites new ‘Fully Load Time’ is now 1.3 seconds. Compared to before which was 4.5 seconds. This will help improve the user experience and traffic to the website.

Scottish Food & Hampers has an overall improved score. Originally the website was an F and E. The improved score is now B and B.

Final Thoughts

At My Server Guy, we have worked hard to improve your website’s score. We fixed several issues and as seen above report and the increased score. Having your website now optimised, e.g. loads fast and gives the users a good experience, it will then get favoured by the search engines with an improved SEO ranking. In turn, this should have a positive effect on Google rankings along with a decrease in visitor bounce rate.

Overall the improvements made to the websites will help increases customer satisfaction, the experiences, and have a significant and positive impact on your search engine ranking and visitor numbers. The website will also be much faster and responsive to browse, especially on mobile phones using 3G, 4G etc.

This comes to show that website speed matters!

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