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A direct line to a dedicated server and network administrator

When your website goes offline at 3am, or you just need to ask a techie which wire plugs in where, contract support from My Server Guy covers 24/7 troubleshooting and network engineering. We’ll quickly identify the problem, and do everything we can to get you fully operational as soon as possible, whether that’s virtually, or by visiting your facility in person.

My Server Guy uses premium hardware and open source software in all our troubleshooting, maintenance and network engineering operations, which combined with our years of industry experience, delivers a premium support package for the ultimate in peace of mind.

To stay connected to ongoing technical assistance, find out more about outsourced support contracts.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

My Server Guy is your one-stop-shop for IT queries, website hosting and technical difficulties. Whatever comes up, we’re on hand to fix any fault.

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The knowledge you need.

With a vast wealth of experience, we’re always happy to share what we’ve learnt along the way. We even have a blog full of industry news and articles.

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Tailor made to you.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to IT support and consultancy; we get to know the unique problems you face and create bespoke strategies and improvements.

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The only service you need for your business.

What people say about My Server Guy.

Supported Maglabs over the years and helped us on our way delivering many infrastructure solutions and supporting complex client requirements for some of the globes largest brands

Andy Travis Maglabs Ltd

Since moving our platform over to MyServerGuy we have seen a real boost in performance.

Gordon Bain MD | The Nexus Agency

24 hour techops support.

Whenever difficulties strike, My Server Guy is on-hand to find the solution. We’ll minimise disruption, locate the problem area, and resolve the issue, whatever time it happens to be.

Your issue is our challenge.

With years of industry experience, our passionate team thrives on solving problems and providing the best possible levels of customer care.

All the support, none of the jargon.

We’re here to help, whatever your level of IT knowledge. We’ll get things sorted in an approachable way, sharing our knowledge in a way that won’t leave you feeling baffled.

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Experience first-line server and network support.

Supporting your hardware, and your business.

Ongoing peave of mind.

Taking out a support contract with My Server Guy ensures that you are always covered, without any of the worry.

In-depth solutions.

My Server Guy invests time in finding the root cause of your issues, and never resorts to quick but insufficient patches.

Server monitoring.

As well as setting up your servers, our team can constantly monitor their performance and keep them maintained to the highest levels.

Professional around your premises.

If My Server Guy needs to make a site visit, you can be reassured that our engineers will be professional and approachable representatives of your brand and your facility.

Virtual problem solving.

My Server Guy can resolve many issues remotely, giving you a fast and accurate diagnosis and repair.

Customer service that cares.

The engineers at My Server Guy provide an exceptional level of customer service, and enjoy every computing challenge that comes their way.